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Sure thing, Croatia is full of gorgeous sceneries and picturesque localities.  But sometimes, the traveling to these sites themselves is a unique adventure. Beauty on the road can be encountered on every mile of concrete, as the entire voyage might look like a paid attraction.

In order to prove this point, our reporter Tom Dubravec took his car and went for a drive via A1, the most important highway of Croatia. The track has numerous nicknames, including Dalmatina, Croatica and King Tomislav’s Road. It connects continental cities such as Zagreb, Karlovac and Gospic with their coastal siblings Zadar, Sibenik, Split and Ploce. In future, one can expect A1 to reach Dubrovnik as well.

Beauty on the road

The highway has high importance for tourists and residents alike, and is equipped with contemporary traffic technologies. But as Dubravec noted with the images he produced, the road is also surrounded with pristine natural beauty, and serves as a perfect way of meeting Croatian outdoors. One should also note that A1 connects a lot of smaller towns and settlements, where people can enjoy fine dining and multitude of one-of-the-kind experiences.

Witness the beauty on the road in our gallery below, and discover reasons why you should arrive to the country with a motor vehicle.

Photo: Tom Dubravec / Hanza Media


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