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Croatia had a very exciting day yesterday, as the nation’s team participated in soccer match on Euro 2016. Naturally, such important event couldn’t go without beautiful Croatian cheerleaders, which contributed to positive vibes and certainly added to the team’s success against the Turkish players.

The checker-insignia jerseys were victorious scoring one goal, leading to numerous celebrations across the country. From green lushes of Slavonia to lovely coasts of Dalmatia, people were organizing fiestas and firecrackers could be heard during the whole night.

Beautiful Croatian Cheerleaders (6)

The nation has high expectations from this generation of soccer players. Ciro Blazevic, the renowned coach and sport manager responsible for Croatia’s success on France Fifa Cup in 1998, lauded the team and their leadership. “I was always a little bit scared that somebody might overshadow my success,” Ciro said with honest smile.” However, not I am cheering for these boys, because I love Croatia so much.”

The new challenge for Croatian team arrives this Friday, June 17th (Czech Republic) after which it will face the Spanish opponents on Tuesday, June 21st.   While you wait for these stadium spectacles, check out the gallery of beautiful Croatian cheerleaders below.

Tom Carr

Having Croatian heritage on my mother’s side, I’m thrilled about the Croatian National Team’s huge victory over England today.

In the Croatian language, how would one cheer on this splendid team?

Please advise.


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