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The Croatian Island of Mljet takes its ecology very serious, and a number of projects have been initiated to secure the green landscapes of its premises. One of them is „Mljet-The First Green Island of the World“, which encourages numerous environment-friendly initatives. One of them is babyCat, an electric vessel envisioned by Zagreb-based technology firm iCat. In cooperation with Sibenik company Riva, a contract has been signed with Natural Park of Mljet, which will lead to deployment of an entire fleet of these unique sea vessels.

Babycat was envisioned as a water-faring transporter which provides maximum comfort to the crew, while keeping its pollution level at zero. The energy used to propel its engines is harvested from large solar panels on the top level of the vessel, meaning that ship is completely self-sufficient and environment-friendly.


The driver’s quarters are located in the front of babyCat, and provides optimal visibility. This was required due to fact that ships will venture Mljet’s beautiful lakes, where a lot of swimmers can be expected, so it is important to know the vessel’s immediate surroundings.

The passengers are seated on comfy benches, and the space around them is completely open. By default, babyCat has no windows, so people onboard are not separated from lovely outdoors they will encounter on Mljet. Of course, in case of raining, the protective covers are deployed and keep the crew dry.


The single ship can take a lot of passengers. Up to 54 of them can be stationed on its deck, and babyCat also welcomes six wheelchairs and up to sixteen bicycles. The vessel has a very adaptable design and can become a floating restaurant or a multimedia center in a very short time.

As for technicalities, the ship is powered by 7,4 kW solar plant, while its reserves can storage up to 54 kWh of energy. This means that, on average, a single unit can venture the waterscapes for 16 hours before needing to refuel at special docking stations. The maximum speed which can be obtained is 8 knots.


Another interesting feature of the babyCat is that it produces no loud sounds whatsoever, providing the crew with peace and quiet as they explore Mljet. Expect to see a lot of these vessels in the future, not only on the premises of Croatian Islands.

Photo Credit by: iCat


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