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The City of Karlovac is located in central Croatia, and serves as an important traffic center between the country’s continental and coastal territories. It has many interesting features on its own, of course, and the upcoming museum called Aquatika will certainly be among the most popular ones.

The museum will deal with rivers and lakes of Croatia, introducing the visitors to unique ecosystems, plant life and animal species surrounding those areas. Unlike typical museums which tender static approach, Aquatika will be a dynamic, thought-provoking site of nature and science. As you will walk through its halls, audio and light installations will embrace your senses, explaining the exhibits and their role in water life of Croatia.


Quite suitably, the museum will be located next to the river itself, on the right banks of Korana. It is imagined that Aquatika is technically an “invisible” structure, which blends with the surroundings and doesn’t cause stir with the natural scenery. From the distance, only a keen eye will notice that there is a museum next to vivid stream of Korana.

The interior was designed by notable architectural studio 3LHD, with certain rooms mimicking the river bottoms, while others providing a stylish visual environment. However, the stars of Aquatika are living fishes, situated in pools and aquariums of the museum.  Most of them can be found in Croatia at the moment, but some specimens were former inhabitants of the country’s waters, and became extinct in the meantime.


Finally, some fishes displayed in aquarium tanks will belong to threatened species. They are so rare that having them in captivity is strictly forbidden. The Aquatika, however, may catch one of their specimens per year, precisely to raise awareness of general populace about the issue of environmental crisis.

This aquarium-like museum will open in about one month, making Karlovac an even more desirable city to visit.


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