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She will like it. She will like it a lot. My plan is perfect, and doesn’t have the slightest mistake. She might take a few days off, but I’m sure that can be arranged. After all, it’s Valentine’s day, which will turn into Valentine’s Week. Her superiors will understand. They have to.

Our starting position will be Mandusevac Fountain in Zagreb. It’s a fantastic spot for the beginning of the journey. A lot of people have met there, including the couple which, according to the local myth, founded the city. Then we can go to dinner somewhere fancy, like Bistro Apetit or Pri Zvoncu. And afterwards, we can drink a romantic cup of tea in one of these. Can tea be romantic? Well, if it can’t, I’ll make it so. Everything needs to be perfect today.

Then I will tell her about my scheme. That we should leave the capital for a few days. And by that, I mean leave it immediately. Without any baggage. Just her, me and Valentine’s spirit. She will probably look at me in that awkward she does for a few moments, but soon she will realize the advantages of such an immediate decision. She can later say I kidnapped her or something like that. It will be our little dirty secret.

We should go to the region of Slavonia. Maybe to find accommodations in some picturesque village and learn a move or two of their Sokacko Kolo traditional dance. Or, if she likes small towns better, maybe find a spot in charming Pozega. Or, if she like big towns, simply settle in Osijek for a few days?  Alternatively, we can go to the city of good vibrations – Varazdin, in the region of Zagorje. We can even stay at the local toplice (thermal spa) and enjoy some time there. There are so many options, and all of them are great for a romantic escape!

And just when she thinks I’m done surprising her, I will have a new proposal! We should go to the seaside! The sea, people! Even just  a quick glance over the Adriatic’s waves awakens the romantic within even the most narrow-minded spirit. Do I sound slightly overzealous with this? That’s fine. Because that’s exactly how I feel.

For the first few days, we should stay in Pula. It’s will be quite appositely, for since the ancient times, Pula has been known as the “the city of fugitives”. There must be some event going on in its ancient Roman amphitheatre. And then we can take day trips to the surrounding areas. You can’t go wrong with romance in Istria!

Islands also sound good. Should I take her to Krk to enjoy some goat cheese? Or should we hide in one of the numerous stone shelters on Brac? And how about Losinj, the island of vitality? But then, what if she gets seasick? How will she endure the ferry ride? Being green in the face is not a romantic feature. Maybe I should stick to the coastline?

In that case, there is that “Love Path” in Crikvenica I’ve heard so much about. Further south, there’s Kastela, the town of a real-life Romeo and Juliet (called Miljenko and Dobrila). If there is a place to commemorate true love, it’s there! And while it is a little chilly outside at the moment, she probably won’t mind a walk along a sandy beach.

And not to forget Dubrovnik! We could also escape there, as many lovers have. Its huge walls will surely hide us from curious eyes. And even if they fail, we can always escape to neighboring Lokrum Island. She will be greatly impressed. It will be her best Valentine’s Day ever!

As you can see, my plan is perfect. She will absolutely love our little Valentine adventure. The only thing missing is, well, the girl herself. Hopefully I will find one by the end of the day. Hopefully, that will go smoothly. It’s Valentine’s day and girls are emotional. One will hopefully decide to leave for a week without baggage.

In any case, you have my permission to copy this plan for your next Valentine’s day (suggestion: don’t wait for it, leave now!) You may use only bits of it if it is too complicated. And remember, Croatia is a perfect country for treating your lady the way she deserves. It’s full of romantic spots, nice sites and great diners. So buy those flowers and go!


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