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Some things always look or sound better in old editions. That’s the fact which every lover of long-play records knows pretty well. And in the world of photography, retro style is also a way of making your picture look better. We don’t know whether our Slovakian reader and pic contributor of the day Denisa Mancová‎ used an old camera or an editing tool, but her photo of Croatian shoreline is quite impressive. It was taken on the beach of Baska Voda settlement, and will hopefully encourage you to visit this locality on your own. Talking about Adriatic sea in retro style, things can’t get much better than this.

If you decide to do so, feel free to use our online air-ticket reservation service. In case you wish to have an excursion to Baska Voda, you’ll find our rent-a-car options quite useful. Finally, don’t forget to upload a photo or two of your Adriatic adventure on our Facebook Wall. Our online community loves to like, share wonderful media contributions. Especially if they show Adriatic Sea in retro style, as in case of Denisa’s photo.


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