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What is Croatian sea like? It is called Adriatic, and judging from the recent scientific measurements, it is among the cleanest in Europe. The research was done by European Commission and European Environment Agency, and water samples were collected from more than 20 000 coastal locations of the Old Continent.

These samples were taken to laboratories which determined the level of bacteria present, concluding whether the swimming locations are idle, or pose a threat to public health. The standard categorization of swimming water quality includes “excellent”, “good”, “acceptable” and “bad” classes.

The Shallows of Adriatic are Fun

In Croatia, 94.2 % of the analyzed areas received the highest marks, earning their place in “excellent” category. No samples returned with bad rank, and scientists noted that they couldn’t determine the level of bacteria in some cases, due to insufficient quantity of the sample.

Considering this report, it is safe to say that Adriatic Sea is a perfect spot for coastal enjoyments, be it swimming or scuba-diving. Moreover, some beaches in Croatia feature mineral-rich mud. Covering your skin with this soil is not just safe, but beneficial to your health.

Adriatic Depths, Underwater (14)

It should also be noted that researchers didn’t just analyze water from Adriatic Sea, but also other swimming areas in Croatia, including those belonging to lakes and rivers. So even if you just visit continental parts of the country, you can be assured that water is of highest possible quality.

Generally, the scientific report has brought good news for European environment. In last five years, the average share of excellent quality water has increased for 6%. Likewise, the amount of waters with bad quality in Europe has decreased from 1.9% to 1.6% in just one year.

Dolphin Adriatic

Hopefully, the European countries will continue to invest in their environmental safety and continue the preservation of their waters. Croatia will surely do so, and keep the beauty of Adriatic sea, among the cleanest in Europe, for future generations.


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