28.10.2016. - 29.10.2016.

Be a part of WebCamp Zagreb 2016 conference!

WebCamp Zagreb is a community driven conference oriented toward technology that powers today’s web. It is a two day event in Zagreb that will bring together 30+ speakers and 800+ attendees, sharing their expertise, learning, networking and job hunting. There are many ways one can become a part of this year’s conference.

To attend the conference you need a ticket and there are bunch of cool ways to get one. One that we like the most is – to purchase them. We can not stress enough how much this means to conference organisers. Apart for having money to pay for conference’s costs, seeing ticket sales go up is a great morale boost for our team. Since we are community driven conference, we also plan to give out a lot of tickets for free:

If you spoke in a user group since last WebCamp Zagreb (Oct 2015) you will get a free ticket, no questions asked. If you haven’t, there is still time! Contact user group organisers and propose a talk, they will be happy to have you.
If you are a student at one of the Zagreb’s technical universities ask your development or programming course assistant to contact us. They will get batches of tickets intended for student population.

Join Webcamp Zagreb 2016 and enjoy pleasant yet official atmosphere of this notable event.