18.02.2017. - 19.02.2017.

There are two things in this world which immediately make you feel like a royalty. One is chocolate, while the other is wine. And if their combination sounds like a plan to you, consider visiting Choco & Wine Festival in the Istrian Settlement of Brtonigla.

The pairing of chocolate and wine is not new, yet it became trendy in the few last years. Especially in the circles of people who enjoy life and are always open to new exquisite tastes. This is precisely the reason why romantic Brtonigla, a Croatian village with long tradition of organizing food-oriented events, is inviting all dedicated lovers of these delicacies for a celebration.

Choco & Wine festival will be held on Saturday, February 18th 2017. In addition to the titular foods, attendees will have an opportunity to try various other local specialties, including cheese, honey, cakes and olive oil products. The renowned special bread, made from four soils, will also be an option.

The festival is a feature of the highly anticipated The Brtonigla Adventure Trekk, which is organized by the Trickeri Association of Pazin. It is believed that several hundred people, coming from different countries, will participate in this event too. So the calories which you will take during Choco & Wine will be easily put to use.

Learn more about this delicious event here, and consider visiting the friendly Istrian sceneries of Brtonigla.