04.08.2017. - 14.08.2017.

Attention all movie-making enthusiasts of the world. You are all called to sharpen your talents during Summer Film School of Sipan, a lovely island on Croatian shore. Every year, dozens of people visit this calm Dalmatian site in order to enjoy producing and viewing the products of seventh art. The even is of international character, and so far it hosted young artistst from Germany, Great Britain and countries neigboring Croatia. It is a perfect locality for youth with aspiration to become film directors,  actors, editors and camera operators.

The Summer Film School of Sipan is supported by City of Dubrovnik. In addition to workshops, it also comes with its own festival program, during which the attendees and broad audience can see several notable filmic works. Explore the life of Sipan Island, which literally closes itself during winter months, only to bloom in summer season and welcome numerous guests from across the world. Learn more.