Always searching for new artistis concepts, Festival Kvarner introduces an experience like no other in Croatia.
The format PURE CHOCOLATE is a tasteful composition of music, light and chocolate. Festival Kvarner has, to date, always aimed to explore new directions regarding performances of specific, top-level programmes. The Festival has always striven for more, especially in terms of including new trends and genres in its creations. In search of the perfect “Gesamtkunstwerk” (the distinct German term which describes synthesis in the arts), Festival Kvarner and its Partner Purpur took time to review historic models and has discovered the use of combinations of different sensory impressions and the merits of chocolate have been identified with focus on its smell, and delicate forms in all its forms and flavours. It therefore became obvious that one of Austria’s most innovate chocolatiers called Zotter should be involved in the creation of this „Gesamtkunstwerk“.
In a unique way, the musical experience is truly enhanced by the enjoyable degustation of different sorts of chocolate paired with different light effects (synaesthesia) related to the particular musical keys. In this way, PURE CHOCOLATE offers an even higher level of musical perception to its audience. Together with a few gentle words of instruction, the audience enjoys special varieties of chocolates in total harmony with the music programme. This, experience undoubtedly lifts the senses to a sublime fusion of sound with taste. Learn more.
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