Porsche is not just a car, it is a piece of art and engineering wit. Witness the entire parade of these high-tech vehicles in the Croatian town of Europe.

New ideas, new heights. Porsche Parade Europe 2016 will be one day longer than we are used and will last 4 days. In this way we present a wider choice of activities and offer a more relaxed timetable. This time, Porsche Parade Europe will cross country borders in order to visit two of the most beautiful European travel destinations: Slovenia and Croatia. Participants will experience three jewels of world fame: First is Bled, an Alpine heaven striking on earth, next is the Postojna Cave, the biggest Karst cave in the world, and finally we will arrive in Rovinj, a visually stunning and utterly romantic old-world town on the Adriatic coast.

Porsche Parade Europe is a motoring extravaganza offering many opportunities. First you will be able to fully experience your Porsche and have seductive choices from which to decide your Thursday morning activity in Bled and Saturday morning in Rovinj. Prime yourself also for gastronomic pleasures of Alpine as well as Mediterranean creation! Your arrival in Slovenia for the event will begin at Bled, where the Porsche Parade Europe 2016 starts also earlier, as there is special programme foreseen for those who would prefer to stay in the region for longer time than just fort he main event. The same is valid also for Rovinj after the Parade.

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