Exploring Croatia is a wonderful experience which shouldn’t be avoided. The Residents of Adriatic shores invite you to thrill in the Hidden Corners of Mljet Island. The aforementioned is a cultural event, which proves that you don’t need hot summer temperatures in order to fully enjoy Croatia.  At the contrary, you may fall in love with the country even more now, as it is spared from crowds and holiday stress.

Come to the fascinating island of Mljet, located on the gentle shores of Adriatic. Venture through its tranquil outdoors, as you arrive to small villages and friendly locals, which will introduce you to their customs and age-old traditions.  Spend an evening in a konoba inn, and embrace your taste buds with freshly caught fish, prepared in the ancient ways of Croatian cooking.

From delicious home-made wines to domestic cheese kinds, the tables of this Croatian Island will not disappoint, and will permanently settle in your memories. Corners of Mljet hide many beautiful secrets, and it is your task to experience them in full magnificence.

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