25.11.2016. - 27.11.2016.

Gear up, young super-heroes. Marvel Universe Live is coming to Croatia in the most spectacular way possible.

The live acton show will provide you with numerous moments of pure entertainment, as Marvel’s internationally known super-heroes clash with their nemesis enemies. Prepare for a show unlike anyhting you have witnessed so far- and it’s all happening in Zagreb, the Capital of Croatia.

Everyone is invited to cheer for their favorite Marvel heroes, which will include Spirder-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and many other familiar faces. The show boasts with the most advanced technological stage effects to date, and you can expect tons of pyrotechnics, air acrobations, martial arts, mechanical engines and numerous other features.

Marvel Universe Live is the newest production of Feld Entertainment, which already brought you the acclaimed show Disney on Ice. So far, over two million people have witnessed the power of Marvel’s heroes, as the first tour visited numerous localities in USA. Now, the show’s performers are ready to show their talents to crowds of Croatia and foreign guests enjoying the country’s hospitality.  The show includes innovative lighting system, 3-D projections, 21 projectors and the most advanced Spotlight Tracking System.

Come and attend this unique event! Up to eight performances are scheduled for Croatia, so check out the Marvel Universe Live official website and plan your voyage to super-hero stardom.