Hello reader. If you are reading this, it means that you have been elected among the few to attend Joker’s Halloween, a night in which Zagreb becomes nothing less than Gotham city itself. You can expect a lot of killingly funny surprises, as your host is the most respected and cherished individual, known simply as Joker. Of course, you will have an opportunity to meet some other notable characters in the halls of Johann Franck, including the likes of Harley Quinn (we all love her, don’t we, reader?)

And who knows, maybe in this night full of laughter and suspense, the dreaded knight of dark will emerge as well, ruining the party as he usually does. Batman is always the biggest partybreaker. But whatever happens, your attendance will be much appreciated, especially if you remain unhurt to tell the story.

Ah, but there are some other things we should also note regarding this event. Next to DJ pults, one can expect remarkable talents of Don Tom, Aldo Morro and Antonio Franic. And be notified that all masked guests can enter the celebration without paying a dime. Those rude who wish to attend with their bare faces, unmasked and ugly as they are, will have to pay 30 HRK/ 4 €. These can also expect spanking at some point as well.

Without further ado, do plan your visit to Joker’s Halloween, which will take place in Johann Franck night club. Oh, you will love its charming interior, and embrace it as the best possible site for the party of this magnitude. Also, come with your friends and family, there’s plenty of space, and don’t mind filming an image or two when the fun starts. Trust us, the internet will run amok from jealousy that you, and not it, are having fun in the beautiful Capital of Croatia, called Gotham City.