Over a decade, HR Summit has been recognized as one of the most important annual HR meetings and opportunity to exchange new idea and best practices. At the end of a decade, change in business context require much different competencies from HR experts, puts in front of them much more complex responsibilities and leading them to more intensive cooperation with all segments of business.

This year HR Summit is held in Zagreb for the first time, attracting HR professionals from Croatia and abroad interested in practical and applicable experiences from Corporate and NGO organizations. Selected speakers from HR and similar professions will share practical experiences in building Agile Corporate Culture, Employer Branding and ensuring full employee engagement and necessity of HR transformation in the age of Social Networks.

Save the Date in your Calendar for the end of May and great opportunity for learning and development, practical experience sharing and intensive networking with peers who share the same new challenges and responsibilities in HR. Join us in talks on Twitte, FB and LinkedIn profile of HR Summit.