11.07.2016. - 12.07.2016.

Are you ready to attend a unique House & Hip Hop Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia? In that case, meet Lesa, a 21-year old boy lecturer, ready to transform you to the king of the dance floor.

-Hip Hop Freestyle: Incorporating Arms,Sets and Concepts in Hip Hop Freestyle ; Basic and Advanced Movement/Variations/Drills etc.
-House Freestyle: Jacking techniques ; Basic and Advanced Moves(Focus:Variations) ; Floorwork(Contemporary) etc.
-House(Afro) Routine : Moves from the Routine as a Warmup/Routine Drill

ADDRESS: Losinjska 2, SOSS

Apply for this House & Hip Hop Workshop at: or School of Street Styles – SOSS inbox!!!!

About lecturer
Sasa Nikolic, also known as Lesa,  started dancing Electro Dance on the streets at the age of 16 with kids that shared the same passion for Electro music genre and dancing.Since there were no Electro Dancers at that point nowhere near Novi Sad nor Serbia, he learned everything from Youtube videos and was basically self-taught.At first it was just out of fun and for personal fulfillment, but as time went by and he got into the culture deeper it became more and more serious.
In 2012. he and his friends created an Electro Dance crew named Bittersweet.Pretty fast they became popular in region because of their uniqueness and skills in their craft.Bittersweet was regularly invited to do choreographies and shows for all the local parties and events in Serbia(Exit Festival Warmup Parties,Foam Fest Ruma,Street Musicians Festival Novi Sad,Dance Till You Drop Parties,Balkan Fury Showcase,Big Shopping Center Guest Showcase etc.).He and his friend were the only Electro Dancers selected to participate and dance in the biggest Dance Flash Mob in Serbia.
As he had more music interests, in 2013. he decided do expand his dancing skills and started learning new styles like Hip Hop and House Dance.