The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia decided to protect historical urban songs (starogradske pjesme) as intangible heritage. It is a type of song which emerged and is still performed in the cities, towns, and villages in Slavonia, Baranja and Syrmia as well as the wider Panonian area.

Since 1998 the Historical Urban Song and Dance Festival is held annually at Hrvatski dom (Croatian Hall) around St. Catherine’s Day in November. This event aims at preserving the traditions, songs and dances of the urban area and the participants’ opulent costumes enthrall every time. The participants of this Festival are associations preserving urban traditions and customs from all parts of Croatia. This is the first and only Festival of this kind on the national level. The establishers and organizers of this Festival are: the Alliance of Arts and Culture Associations of Slavonia and Baranja, the Tourist Board of the Town of Đakovo and the Town of Đakovo. (Read more.)