16.09.2016. - 18.09.2016.

As one of the more serious attempts of creating a tourist product based on cultural content a project Porec historical festival – Giostra is being developed. It started in 2007 as project with an aim to protect immaterial cultural heritage and enrich cultural and tourist offer in the town of Porec. It started as cooperation of Studio 053 and Porec Tourist Board and under the sponsorship of the town of Poreč. Elena Uljancic-Vekic, director of Poreč Heritage Museum has been consulted throughout the project.

What is actually Giostra? It is known that on 8th May, St. Michael’s day a festivity Fiera franca triduana accompanied by a crossbow competition and dances and popular games was held in Poreč. The main event was a knight tournament Giostra. The first document where Giostra is described in detail, the very source of this Festival, comes from 1745. In the days of the Festival, as if transported by a time machine, the whole town travels back into the 18th century evoking economic, demographical, social and socio-political rise of Poreč in the period. Read more.