14.10.2016. - 16.10.2016.

Traditional Velika Gorica event Gastro Turopolje  has been representing for years the restaurants and their offer, producers of local food and drinks, and it takes place through two activities: Gastronomic week in restaurants and Sunday Turopolje Lunch with a rich offer and many attractions for visitors. During this “Gastro Week” restaurants offer special dishes that represent the old forgotten recipes, quick light meals from local ingredients and other topics according to caterers’ choice. The highlight of this event is Sunday Turopolje Lunch when visitors have the opportunity to see and taste the variety of dishes of Velika Gorica caterers, enjoy the rich cultural and entertainment program, see the apples exhibition, honey festival, competition in preparation of Turopolje ”kotlovina” (meat stewed on a wide tin plate) and hunter’s stew…

Come and enjoy local delicacies and celebrate the pleasant outdoors of Velika Gorica on Gastro Turopolje. Learn more.