11.09.2016. - 17.09.2016.

Embraced by late summer days of Zagreb City, Food Film Festival is an annual event which combines the art of filming with the art of food preparation. It is a fantastic experience which features best meal presentations, all coming from the renowned diners and restaurants of Croatia’s beautiful capital.  In addition to booths from which you can order freshly-made foods, you can also enjoy a selection of prime movies, all having dining as a topic.

Wines, appetizers and sweet delicacies are also available, and entrance to Food Film Festival is completely free of charge. You may also want to attend some of available workshops, which might teach you not just the basics, but advanced wits of culinary art.

The even won’t close before September 17th, and booths are open as late as 11:30 p.m. All film projections begin at 8:30 in the outdoors of lovely Zrinjevac Park, located in the very center of Zagreb. Learn more here.