30.05.2016. - 05.06.2016.

The newest edition of beloved floral festivity, Floraart, has just started on Bundek Lake, Croatia. Plenty of things wait for dedicated plant lovers, and all those who promised to invest more time to their garden.

What would the world be like without colour, scent, form?
Certainly, a kind of spiritual desolation. If the flower is not a glimpse of eternity in our eye, than what is?

So the real question is: What would Zagreb be without Floraart? Without fifty years of flowers at the heart of the city. Without hundreds and thousands of different and extraordinary plants, various arrangements, actions, holidays and magical moments we have witnessed, experienced and received. As a gift and a part of our tradition. As our horticulture or more precisely – culture itself. So, what would Zagreb be without Flower Fair, without Floraart?

The answer is simple: it would not be the Zagreb left in heritage by our ancestors, it would not be the Zagreb we have to leave to our children!

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