17.06.2016. - 19.06.2016.

It’s that time of the year again! International Fireworks Festival 2016 comes with more features, and fans of loud explosions and shiny sky effects won’t be dissapointed. As always,the main organizer is Mirnovec Pyrotechnics from Samobor, but this time, their strenghts are increased thanks to guests from Italy and Slovenia. Come to Bundek Lake in Zagreb and enjoy the spectacle.

Here are a few words from organizers of International Fireworks Festival 2016:

Mirnovec Pyrotechnics specializes in performing large fireworks on the occasions of public events such as music festivals, sporting events, public gatherings or celebrations. Pyrotechnists of Mirnovec pyrotechnics have all the knowledge and equipment necessary for the preparation, programming, and running large public fireworks display, which is confirmed by numerous awards and prizes won at international firework festivals. Mirnovec pyrotechnics today can boast with more than 2,500 performed fireworks and experience in managing special effects for film and television.

Many years of experience in organizing fireworks has put Mirnovec Pyrotechnics over the years at the top global companies for creating pyrotechnics, which resulted in appearances on many international competitions and fireworks festivals. Pyrotechnists and pyrodesigners of Mirnovec Pyrotechnics were hosted in Italy, Russia, Germany, England and many other countries.