13.10.2016. - 16.10.2016.

Ambienta is an international furniture, decoration and supporting industry fair in Croatia. It is envisioned as the central event of the kind in the country and broad surrounding region. Every year, hundreds of brands are joining our team and promote the values of aesthetics and design.

As an event, Ambienta has several categories. AmbiHOME is targeting all kinds of furniture, parquets, doors and windows. AmbiPRO concentrates the attendee’s attention towards materials and equipments. AmbiENERGO tenders topics such as biomass and pellets. Finally, AmbiDESIGN district is promoting ultimate design achievements.

Numerous designers, architects, manufacturers, exporters, importers, institutions and media reporters will attend the event, and participate in a detailed programe. From recognitions, awards, and meetings to B2B gatherings and contact sharing opportunities, Ambienta will host them all in six large pavillions of Zagreb’s Central Fair.

The event also joins the talents of 22 companies coming from People’s Republic of China, a selection of prime Polish manufacturer associates and notable craftsmen from Croatia.  Learn more.