26.11.2016. - 27.11.2016.

If you are reading this, chances are that you are a big fan of races. Motor vehicles are your favorite topic, and you always browse for news on the subject. In case you plan a visit to Croatia, your favorite hobby can follow, thanks to Santa Domenica Rally, happening in Sveta Nedjelja.

“Well, it’s a good rally, it’s right dimension of budget and having fun. Santa Domenica gravel is the best you can have in rally so this is what we are searching for all over central Europe! ”
Beppo Harrach

Three times RSSD Winner
“Tarmac is like sailing in the swimming pool. But gravel is more like sailing on open sea in a heavy storm and strong wind.”
Juraj Šebalj

First RSSD Winner
“It’s simply a freedom. Gravel is where everything is happening.”
Ivan Goran Čibej

Two times RSSD Winner
Come to Sveta Nedjelja, and be a part of Santa Domenica Rally. The advenutre waits for true octane fans. Learn more.