03.12.2016. - 23.12.2016.

Take a peek  behind the facades of some of the most beautiful Upper Town Palaces, and come into the world of Zagreb Courtyards. Every single one of them has its own story, as the slogan of this amazing tourist attraction suggests. Courtyards, also known as Dvorista in Croatian language,are  usually organized in mid-July. However, this time of the year brings its Adent Edition.Experience Zagreb from a new angle. Expect lots of good music, fun and entertainment, delicious snacks and refreshing drinks . Explore the fascinating world of Zagreb flavors, and have a lovely stay in Croatian capital, style included.

The Courtyards of Zagreb wait for your arrival. Just wear winter clothes, as you will spend a lot of time below the starry skies above the Croatian roofs. Read more about this original event here.