20.08.2017. - 24.08.2017.

Prepare for an ultimate party of Zrce Beach, Croatia. Sonus brings a fresh lineup of DJs to renowned Croatian Island of Pag in 2017, alongside with numerous audiences of international background. Your attendance is eagerly awaited. Wear a smile and a swimsuit, and schedule your arrival to Croatia.

The festival takes place at Zrce Beach near Novalja on Pag Island in Crotia. Please note that you won’t find any accommodations directly at Zrce Beach. The best choice for your accommodation is in and around Novalja. We’re offering a festival shuttle which will take you straight to and from the dancefloor. Sonus Festival is strictly 18+.

The festival ticket grants you access to all day, night and afterparties for the entire festival period. Once you arrive, you will be able to exchange your ticket for a wristband at our Festival Check-In. Please note that Boat parties have to be booked separately. In case you booked your ticket via one of our partners they will send you a mail with all necessary information and the location where you will receive your wristbands. Please see the festival booklet on the very top of this page for more information and all locations.

The entrance for the escorting person of visitors who are in a wheel chair or carry a severely handicapped pass is free. There will be special toilets for you to use but please note that the club infrastructure is not 100% handicapped accessible. Please get in touch with in time and leave your phone number for possible call back.

Please do NOT use your car for hopping between Novalja and Zrce. The island’s traffic system was not built for large festivals so there is just a tiny one-lane street to cope with an influx of visitors. Unsurprisingly this has resulted in really long traffic jams in the past and you should make sure you avoid this frustrating situation.

 The best, but not only alternative, is our Sonus Festival Shuttle as it allows you also to visit some other spots all over Pag. If you have further questions regarding travel please get in touch with

Interested in learning more? Visit the official website of Sonus and book your ticket.