16.06.2017. - 08.09.2017.

It is easy to love life if you are spending it next to natural splendor, and enjoying delicious food and exquisite wine. This is truly an Istrian Lifestyle, as residents of this Croatian peninsula have been accustomed to such ways of living for numerous generations. With it, comes the appreciation of the moment and life’s beauty, so it is not surprising that the locals have numerous events aiming to underline this trait.

One of the most prominent gatherings of the kind happens in the settlement of Rabac. During hot summer months, Fridays are scheduled for a unique celebration of fine dining and cultural celebrations. They all occur on this small town’s coastal promenade, popularly called Riva. The event begins on 8 p.m. and lasts at least three hours.

Marko Miscevic / CROPIX
Marko Miscevic / CROPIX

Both foreign visitors and local residents can enjoy prime olive oil, coming from Negri and Oil Perin brands. Those coupled with some specific ingredients, such as garlic and hot peppers, are very much demanded. You may also want to try Istrian prosciutto and equally thrilling milk products of Blagevica dairy. Finally, the wine cellars of Romeo Licul, Bacac and Juricic will take care that your glasses are always filled with products of Istrian vineyards.

Istrian Lifestyle is also closely tied with the region’s distinctive culture. Be introduced to local lace products, hand-crafted by skilful craftsman and craftswomen of Rabac region. You may also want to buy top-class ceramics of Meraia or lavender-based items of OPG Faraguna brands.

Prosciutto Fair

Feel relaxed and whole heartedly invited to experience Istrian Lifestyle. Schedule your next summer vacation in beautiful Rabac, and have a relaxing holiday beneath the stars and next to Adriatic Sea. This handmade and gourment begins on June 16th.

Welcome to Rabac, and have a stay you always imagined to have. The shores of Istria wait for your arrival.