30.06.2017. - 07.07.2017.

The Aragosa Travel Agency from Dubrovnik and it’s partner Albania Experience Travel Agency from Albania are organizers of the Dubrovnik International Opera Festival with hommage to Tino Pattiera. The festival is named after and organized in the memory of the world famous tenor Tino Pattiera born on June 27th, 1890 in Cavtat, a town situated about twenty kilometers away from Dubrovnik, where he died April 24th, 1966.

Tino Pattiera was one of the major singers at the opera houses both in Europe and worldwide in the first half of the 20th century. He was the leading singer at the Royal Saxon Court Opera in Dresden.When we approached this project, our goal had several meanings and could be summarized in the following paragraphs:

–    The establishment of a new Croatian cultural tourist brand in connection with the name of Tino Pattiera
–    Enrich the Dubrovnik tourist services with new elite cultural events
–    The revival of the operatic art to the Dubrovnik venues by staging large-scale productions
–    Establish the Dubrovnik Vocal Master Classas an additional festival event

Join us in this fascinating musical adventure by attedning Dubrovnik International Opera Festival.  Learn more.