It’s the middle of the summer solstice. Days are long. The sun stands high showing no mercy while burning our skin.. Its glitter repels from the surface of the sea, from the rocks, from the sails in the distance. Normal folks are looking for a shade to hide, but not us – MTB racers. We push the pedals further, as if there was no tomorrow, as if there was no pain, no thirst or tiredness. There can be no hesitation, no surrender, no suspicion.

Karst crumbles under our wheels. The lizards retreat in front of our tires. Snakes unsettle. The muscles are burning. Drops of sweat blink our eyes while water run dry in our mouth. It’s a hell of a race. But it’s good. Irresistibly good. There is always someone in front you want to pass. Or pressure him at least. Because if you don’t, those behind will pressure you.Although you are friends. Good friends.

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Photo: Event Facebook Page