02.12.2016. - 15.01.2017.

The tradition of celebrating Christmas in Cazma continues, thanks to Salajland 2016.  Let’s explore the vivid estate of Salaj Family, once again decorated with thousands of colored lightbulbs. For the 15th year in a row, this place serves as a Croatian theme park, dedicated to Christmas times and customs connected with this holiday.

We already introuced you to this unique site, describing it with these words:

Probably one of the most cherished sites in Croatia during winter season, Salajland is a magnificent place which leaves a lasting impression on its visitors.  It has been 15 years that Salaj Family decorates its lovely estate with numerous light bulbs, transforming the outskirt of Cazma town into truly unique, gorgeous scenery. Popularly known as Salajland, it is a place to go if you want to have a one-of-the-kind Christmas Season.

This year, the estate will feature no less than 2 million colored light bulbs, which will decorate roofs, trees, pathways and attractions of Salaj family. The experience also comes with scheduled fireworks sessions, as well cultural and entertainment events which will accompany one’s stay.  Imagine yourself having a walk through illuminated trees of pine, observing numerous staged sceneries from Biblical events and children’s stories.

Learn more about Salajland 2016 on its official website.