31.05.2017. - 04.06.2017.

We bring vivacity, energy, culture and laughter for all good-natured human beings: children, employed people, clowns, members of unions, students, the retired, trumpet players, foreigners, local people, hedonists, idealists, environmentalists, hometown boosters, sportsmen and sportswomen, musicians, actors and actresses, philosophers, dancers, runners, the loud and the silent, those who clap and those who whistle…

Programme on 6 stages with hundreds of performers from all over the world, 5 days filled with performances, music, drama, children’s activities, art, sport and other events will put a smile on the faces of fans, as well as all chance passers-by and visitors to Zagreb.

Cest is d’ Best, by the Kings of the Street, is an international multimedia street festival, which preserves Zagreb’s identity, enlivens city streets and squares, bringing them back charm and optimism. It erases the borders between the established forms of culture and alternative culture, brings closer all generations of citizens through various cultural preferences because each and one of them can take part in the programme!

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