The merry season is on its way. Have a special celebration this year, as you attend Christmas Ball with Lippizaners, a gorgeous and unique event which will be organized in Croatian town of Dakovo. It is a place of high historical importance, and home to one of Europe’s most important horse breed stables.

Lipizzaners are renowned for their intelligence and graciousness, and are commonly associated with Spanish Riding School of Viennese tradition. Often trained in classical dressage, these animals can literally dance in the ryhthm of the music, or participate in complex choreographies.

The breed dates back to the 16th century, with Habsburg nobility having the key role in their uplift. Named after their initial stud farm of Lipica, located in modern-day Slovenia, this horse species was endangered many times during their existence. Yet, they managed to survive, and continue to awe their human care-takers and audiences across the world. Having grey color and friendly nature, they are always easy to spot and approached.

The Christmas Ball with Lippizaners is a magnificent 40-minute performance of trained animals in front of live audiences. The horses are costumed and dance to the music, along with their human colleagues. It is a fantastic way to enjoy the merry season, and prepare yourself for Christmas days which follow. Visit the official website of Dakovo Stables for more information.