Described to have the charisma of Elvis Prisley, Andre Rieu is without question one of the most beloved musical artists in the world. Lauded by The Washington Post and New York Times, this Dutch violinist, conductor and compositor is a living legend of orchestral music, with performances which never disappoint. His recent tour includes visits to South America, Australia and Western Europe. For the first time, he will also come to Croatia.

The virtuoso has sold more than 40 million albums, and annually gathers 600 000 attendees on his concerts. Owning the largest private orchestra in the world, Andre Rieu is a world-class attraction, with over 30 albums which topped music charts of the globe. He is also known for his favorite instrument. A violin of master Stradivari, which is over 300 years ago. Only 400 of these musical artifacts exist today, each of them worthy of a fortune.

The performance is scheduled for June 15th in Croatian Capital of Zagreb. As every other evening in company of Andre Reiu, it will certainly be one to remember. Come and be a part of this gorgeous musical experience, and cherish life, music and art with one of the world’s most talented orchestral artists.