24.06.2016. - 25.06.2016.

Think you are a great lover? In that case, you are invited to Istrian town of Vrsar, where the prestigious Casanovafest will gather numerous people of your caliber.

There is something special about the summer that carries along tantalizing smells and undiscovered tastes, exciting adventures and romantic love. Giacomo Casanova, the world famous love adventurer who visited Vrsar on two occasions, of which his autobiographic memoirs witness, felt it too.

Taking pleasure in gorgeous women, abundance of food, and supreme refošk wine during  hot June nights, is a brief summary of Casanova’s life  in Vrsar. Today, in his memory, Vrsar organizes Casnovafest, the festival of love and erotica. The festival represents the epitomy of savouring the pristine ambience and natural treasures of Vrsar, merged with an erotic insight into the times of Casanova.

As an inexhaustible source of inspiration in all areas of life, Casanovafest abounds in cultural and artistic presentation of the reflection on love at the time of Casanova. It also presents subtle film screenings, exhibitions, and concerts, all spiced with a touch of eroticism, just as it was long time ago.

Come and enjoy Casanovafest and fall in love once again!