Calling all fans of physical activity and those unafraid of high and tough challenges. Brijuni Adventure Race is scheduled to take place soon!

In the modern world confronted with a modern lifestyle we try to spend as much time as possible in nature and to live as healthily as possible. Peace, quiet, freedom and all the other thing nature can provides us connect people that choose to spend their time in nature doing sports.

Doing sports has become a way to escape the mundane routine and stress it often carries. Still young this club has connected 48 of us through various sports and recreational activities and our efforts to connect as many people as possible regardless of their age and sex. Our common goals are a healthy lifestyle, participating in sports and socializing in nature.

This club is the link connecting all the people who are willing to take on new sport’s challenges. This is the reason we decided to give our town the recognizability by organizing various sports events which include but are not limited to: mountain biking, trekking, running, swimming and trail running.

Learn more about Brijuni Adventure Race here.