08.10.2016. - 15.10.2016.

Bolsoul started off as one of those crazy dreams you have where one’s imagination fills in the blanks. Diane Dewhirst is the queen of finding interesting places to visit and she located Bol in Croatia and the Elaphusa Hotel for a week’s holiday back in May 2014. As usual Ian was too busy to focus on a holiday, so he left to her to do it and just paid.

So they arrived in Croatia, tired but in relaxed fashion (after a 6.00am flight from Gatwick), had a late breakfast in Split, hopped on the ferry and then the bus from Supertar to Bol. They then walked from Bol to the Elaphusa with cases. By the time they got there they were knackered. But they got energised when they saw the hotel and even more energised when they got to their room with that INCREDIBLE view of the Adriatic and that crazy Zlatni Rat Beach. Wow. A breath-taking location in a GREAT hotel. Then they started exploring further….

By the time they’d looked around, eaten dinner and stepped out to the Terrace for an after-dinner aperitif, Ian’s brain was already working. But the Terrace was what really got him into overdrive. He just wanted to hear the right soundtrack in that environment and then everything kinda clicked. Over the course of the next couple of days, Bolsoul was born. Every way he turned another great environment turned up – the Bolero Bar, Club Ellas, the Swimming Pool deck, the Beach venue and so on. That’s when he rang Carl and said “I think we may have something here.” Read more.