08.10.2016. - 15.10.2016.

The most notable platform for presenting fashion collections, Bipa, returns in 2016. Once again, we are ready to break the boundaries and introduce our audiences to brands, products and everything else associated with modern clothing trends in a very specific way. This time, we are also bringing a unique surprise to the crowds: the location of the event has been changed. Bipa will be organized in the long, mysterious underground tunnel of Croatia’s Capital Zagreb.

The secluded, yet easy-to-reach location in the city’s center will be a perfect site for presenting the collections of talents both young and experiences. Designer list includes Ana Maria Ricov, Marina Desing, Robert Sever, eNvy Room, Ivica Skoko, ELFs, Ivica Klaric, Morana Krklec, Gala Vrbanic, Martina Budek, Krie Desing, BiteMyStyle by Zoran Aragovic and Ana Bogdan.

Come to Croatian underground and be a part of Bipa event. Learn more.