14.11.2016. - 15.11.2016.

A lot of people like to eat apples, but rare are those who organize an event dedicated to this fruit. Apple Days in Dakovo is here to do justice for this tasty delicacy, supporting it with tons of fun, entertainment, traditional Croatian culture and customs.  Mind you, the gathering is of international character, so you will have an opportunity to meet many interesting apple-lovers from the region and beyond.

The event boasts with over hundred booths, offering various apple species at great prices. In addition, attendees will be welcomed to try specific apple-based products. Some of these include refreshing juices and potions and those tending to alcoholic liqueurs will also have their reason to attend Apple Days of Dakovo.  Younger audiences will appreciate numerous fruit spreads, cakes and cookies. And you never know who will share recipes or even cookbooks based on apple fruits.

Dakovo is a settlement of outmost importance for Croatian history, and has been a strong keeper of the country’s traditional vibe. The event will also introduce you to old crafts of local residents, including hat-makers, beehive keepers, straw constructors, cloth sewers and may more.

Learn more about this event and consider visiting the beautiful region of Slavonia this October.