27.04.2017. - 30.04.2017.

Love Dalmatia and eager to experience its fantastic natural sceneries? Consider attending Zadar Outdoor Festival and, gathered with your friends, have a great time in Croatia.

It is a widely known fact that Zadar with its amazing surroundings represents one of the most attractive areas on the Mediterranean coast. What most people don’t know is that the area of Zadar region is characterized by an extraordinary geographic diversity that makes it an ideal place for all sorts of outdoor activities. The group of local enthusiasts, specialists in active vacation, this year decided to use this advantage and organize a very first Zadar Outdoor Festival – a celebration of nature, active life and adventure. For four days in April 2017, the sea and the land, the rivers and the mountains of Zadar region will become natural racing trails that will challenge the participants from all over the world to test their own limits and have lots of sports fun.

The magnificent waters of Zadar canal will host 3 big competitions: sailing regatta, swimming marathon and kayak race. Rafting lovers, on the other hand, will find their piece of adventure in the magical environment of river Zrmanja. If you prefer solid ground rather than rough waters, don’t worry, our running, trekking and cycling trails are awaiting you anxiously. Whether you choose running off into the sunset, losing yourself while trekking through the immense sloapes of Velebit mountain or pedaling along the seaside with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, the excitement and positive vibes will abound.

Choose between numerous activities and create an unforgettable weekend in Dalmatia. Races, tours, excursions, workshops, gastronomy etc. – there will be something for everyone.

Dare yourself to push your limits, discover what your hidden talent is, feel the fun of teamwork and create an ultimate story for your friends. All that in just one weekend – from 27 to 30 April 2017. Learn more.