About Zagorje

The green slopes of Zagorje region are somewhat unjustly overshadowed by coastal areas of Croatia. Rich in history, beautiful in nature and full of unique historical sites, Zagorje is situated in northwest part of Croatia, behind the mountain of Medvednica. Its landmarks are quite numerous, from Baroque streets of Varazdin to high-tech museum of Evolution in Krapina. Large castles of Trakoscan and Veliki Tabor can be considered the sole reasons to make a day trip to Zagorje, and who could deny the pleasure of enjoying one’s time in thermae of Stubicke Toplice? For those interested in Roman Catholic spirituality, Zagorje hosts the most important pilgrimage site in Croatia called Marija Bistrica. Those who remember Yugoslavia and its influence can visit Kumrovec, the birthplace of Josip Broz Tito, the popular leader of former state. In addition to all said, Zagorje is a region with distinctive culinary identity and strong tradition of wine making.

Varaždin, Croatia

Tuhelj SPA Oasis Decorated by Renowned Street Artists

The northern regions of Croatia may not have access to Adriatic Sea, but that doesn’t mean swimming is not an option on their premises. Thanks to numerous spa centers, watery refreshments are as accessible as in coastal parts. One of the most popular destinations of the kind is Terme Tuhelj, a fantastic oasis of huge pools and pampering activities that never disappoint visitors, no matter their age. An ideal place for family visit, Tuhelj invests a lot in its promotion. One of their recent feats was hiring renowned street artist to decorate their outdoor surfaces and the results are more than impressive. As a part of their Art&Spa initiative, one of the worlds’s most appreciated urban artisans Farid Rued of…

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