About Višnjan

Discover Visnjan, a town in central Istria with plenty to see and experience.  In past, it used to be a part of an important route, which carried wines and prosciutto meat to larger settlements. Today, it tenders its gastronomic identity, but also invests in modern science. Visnjan hosts a large observatory Tican, which constantly explores space and seeks new stars thanks to bright Istrian night skies.

As many other local settlements, Visnjan is mainly situated on the hill, with younger parts of the settlement broadening around it.  The Mediterranean vibe is strengthened with charming stone houses and romantic alleys, known for their narrowness.

Other points of interest include the depths of numerous old churches, Stuti forest park and the depths of karst pit Baderine. If you seek a unique place for your vacation, slightly away from the shores of Adriatic, Visnjan will surely deliver a prime experience.