About Vinkovci

In the far reaches of Croatian north-east territories, the picturesque town of Vinkovci reigns on the banks of Bosut River, between Danube and Sava. Surrounded with thick forests of oak and ash trees, the settlement is one of the most popular localities of inland Croatia.

Offering rich cultural background and natural beauty, residents of Vinkovci are always glad to host guests on their agro-tourism estates. Those interested in local delicacies can enjoy the spicy kulen sausages and strong spirit drink called rakija.

Every year, thousands of people attend the festival called Vinkovacke Jeseni, which celebrates local folklore culture, while the large archeological park of Sopot introduces the visitors with interesting artifacts.

Vinkovci, Croatia

Learn about People of Prehistoric Croatia

A couple of years ago, remains of a large prehistoric community were discovered near Vinkovci in Croatia’s northeast territories. This historical goldmine quickly gained worldwide attention and literally became the second best local spot for research of the topic (the first one being the extremely valuable archeological locality called Krapina in Croatia’s Zagorje region). As the theme never ceases to amaze the modern-world humans, here are several interesting facts about Croatian Flintstones. Let’s see what life looked like in prehistoric Croatia. PX Here Despite being called “cavemen” by general population, people of the Stone Age (especially the younger period) were quite urban types. The technology has developed so much that their numbers increased to the point…

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In the picturesque Town of Vinkovci, Zlatko Lamut founded one of the best-known restaurants of continental Croatia. Named after his…