About Trogir

Having title of the best preserved Romano-Gothic city in central Europe, Trogir is a part of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List. With grandiose architecture, beautiful stone-paved streets, large promenades and good atmosphere, it is a destination which provides days of entertainment and vacation impossible to forget.

Points of interest include Cathedral of St. Lawrence, and its renowned portal of Dalmatian sculptor Master Radovan, a number of nobleman palaces, including the one belonging to Cipiko Family, impressive fortress of Kamerlengo, and marble relief of Kairos (divinity of happy moment) which can be found in Benedictine monastery of St. Nicholas. Trogir also has a very developed ACI Marina, avid accommodation options, recreation facilities and, naturally, hundreds of konoba-inns and restaurants waiting to serve Dalmatian delicacies to visitors. It also has a rich cultural program, including exhibitions, concerts and live performances. Trogir nightlife is also a noted feature of the settlement, so don’t expect a second of boredom during your stay.


Video: Unveiling the Secret of Peka

If you browse the internet for traditional Croatian delicacies, chances are you will stumble upon a term called peka. It is a large iron item which covers the dish close to an open fire, and covered with hot ash, provides a special type of thermal food processing. The aromas are heightened and unique, whether you roast octopus or ecologically farmed veal under peka’s hard shell. The magical aromas of this specialty has been experienced by Shawn and Tricia Mitchell in romantic town of Trogir. The pair of passionate travelers also tried a bottle of Babich wine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lil-SbNMBBQ Check out more info on Trogir here, and don’t hesitate to learn more about Mitchell family’s adventures in Croatia.

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