About Trakoscan

Standing bold and beautiful, Trakoscan is one of the most recognizable symbols of Zagorje region and Croatia in general. Located on a small hill above a lake, the old castle looks as if it fell from a book of fable stories. Originally constructed in 13th century, it changed owners and governors during history, constantly being upgraded in fashion of the respective era. Today, Trakoscan is owned by Croatian state, and hosts a museum exhibiting old weaponry, fine art, archaic books and ancient furniture. Whoever visits the castle’s interior, stays impressed by its level of preservation, and authentic medieval atmosphere. Surrounded by thick forest which blooms with life and hides a small chapel, the Castle of Trakoscan is a place of inspiration, past, magical touch and joyous leisure. It is annually visited by more than 40 000 visitors, and the only disappointment comes from the fact that one has to leave its fairytale scenery and fascinating, century-old towers.

Trakošćan, Croatia