About Sucuraj

What used to be a small fisherman village on the eastern cove of Hvar Island, today is known as a notable tourist destination which offers prime summer vacation.

The beaches such as Bilina, Prapatna, Didina and Mlaska are always ready to charm their visitors with seclusion and pristine water. Meanwhile, the old churches and monasteries provide a sacral element to the settlement. This especially goes to Franciscian monastery, originally built in 9th century for monks of Augustinian order.

Visitors can also visit a local fort, built to add security for residents during past times, or have a boat excursion to neighboring Makarska Seas, Peljesac peninsula and many other.

Sućuraj, Croatia

Become a Beacon for Ships and Stars on Adriatic Coast

Have you ever considered a lighthouse to be your accommodation in a foreign country? The experience is quite unique and available in Croatia. Numerous ship-guiding facilities have been renovated into attractive vacation spots, some even retaining their original purpose. Usually located on secluded sites, these are fine spots to reside in if you value peace and quiet. The photo above depicts Sucuraj Lighthouse on Island of Hvar. Constructed in 1874, it led many ships to safe waters and away from sharp reefs. It is still doing so, but in addition provides quite luxurious suite for visitors. They even have the opportunity to hire a professional chef that will take care of all meals through the day. As for the lighthouse,…

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