About Supetar

The Island of Brac is among the sunniest spots in Mediterranean region, and Town of Supetar is its very heart. An old settlement is connected with the mainland via ferry route, and offers plenty of content to every visitor.

Featuring sand and pebble beaches,  the town is  very vivid during Croatian tourist season. Guests are also attracted by a number of spa, sauna and massage facilities. Rasohe Quarry is also a place worthy of one’s visit, as its stones were used to construct nothing less than Diocletian’s Palace in Split.

People may also meet local olive harvesting customs is a dedicated museum in the vicinity. Those interested in fine art should discover the Supetar Cemetery, which has exhibits of Croatian master artisans Ivan Rendic and Tomo Rosandic.


Enjoy Sunniest Coasts in Supetar

The Island of Brac is among the most beloved destinations on Croatian coast. Having thousands of sunny hours per year, it is a place for those who like bright days wth lost of golden sunrays. The Town of Supetar can be found in the heart of this Mediterranean haven, an old settlement that can be reached by a ferry ride from the mainland. Supetar is very vivid during peak tourist season, but being located on the island does provide some seclusion and spares visitors from dense crowds. The locals have invested a lot of effort to provide top accommodation options, while plenty of beaches  and natural sites assure a vacation well-spent. Supetar has some unique features as a destination, such…

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