About Stubicke Toplice

On the northern slopes of Medvednica Mountain lies a romantic county of Stubicke Toplice. A small settlement is actually one of the most important places for public health in Croatia. Even in ancient ages, people were aware of many underground water sources in the region. Thus Romans constructed their renowned thermae in Stubica, while today one can enjoy modern spa center and high-tech health treatments.

Stubicke Toplice is also very important for understanding Croatian past, as it used to be the very heart of major peasant rebellion in 16th century. If you are interested in history and old-fashioned warfare, you will find your terms in Stubicke.

And those who like walking in nature will have plenty of promenades and pathways for their favorite activity. However, if you are easily scared, stay off the educational course of ‘Kamenjak’ forest, as it will lead you to frightful Galeznjak, a huge oak used for hanging criminal offenders in the old days.

Stubicke Toplice
Pustodol, Krapinsko-Zagorska, 49240, HR