About Ston

Have a vacation in true Mediterranean setting. The settlement of Ston, with its corresponding region, is everything what you expect from such an experience. Mostly associated with Dubrovnik Republic, Ston was an important asset in the city-state’s economy, and was thus surrounded with thick walls.

Today, these ramparts are among the largest of their kind in Europe, measuring over five kilometers in lenght and featuring over 40 defensive structures. These were protecting valuable saltworks and oyster harvesting areas, which are still operational today.

Residents of Ston are proud of their numerous sacral places, such as churches and chapels. A Napoleon-built road serves as a promenade, while Gudnja Grotto attracts those interested in underground phenomena.

20230, Ston, Croatia

The Amazing Salt Harvest of Ston

Did you know that Croatian Town of Ston has been producing salt for the last 2000 years?  The practice existed even in times of old Roman Emperors, and the quality of salty products has never been anything but stellar. The small industry survived through cultural and historical shifts of all kind, never ceasing to deliver the white mineral to satisfied consumers. But unlike many modern facilities, the Ston salt works comes with a unique feature. It tenders the old, manual way of harvesting the precious mineral. Workers use simple shovels to collect salt, which is extracted from the sea in special pools. It is then transported in wagons that are not motor-propelled, and rely on worker strength as well. This…

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