About Slavonia and Danube

The northeast region of Croatia is a large plain, with rich soil, thick forests and countless opportunities for being awed.  It is a land full of old cities and picturesque villages, with people who manage to keep their traditions even in contemporary world.

Of high importance for its agricultural potential, Slavonia embraces its visitors with top-quality wine brands and genuine dry meat products.  Kopacki rit Nature Park introduces them to specific swamp ecosystem, while rural estates provide their guests with agro-tourism hospitality.

The settlements of Slavonia, such as Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Vinkovci, Dakovo and many more wait to be discovered. Come and meet the fantastic world of inland Croatia.

Slavonia and Danube
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This is the Most Beautiful Garden in Croatia

Readers and official jury members of Croatian magazine Dom&Dizajn have chosen the most beautiful garden in Croatia. The prestigious award went to small town of Cepin, into the hands of owner Zdenka Matagic. Her gorgeous outdoor estate Vrtna Bajka (“The Garden Fable”) is truly a haven that many dream of, and a place to visit during your stay in Croatia. Zdenka begun gardening with her husband as an easy-going hobby, but it soon became a wonderful adventure which goes for almost one and a half decade. The garden has 750 square meters in size and is open to public visitors. Matagic family organized their gorgeous estate in several sections, such as Mediterranean, Japanese, Floral, Water-Based and one that deals with…

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Kod Varge

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