About Slavonia and Danube

The northeast region of Croatia is a large plain, with rich soil, thick forests and countless opportunities for being awed.  It is a land full of old cities and picturesque villages, with people who manage to keep their traditions even in contemporary world.

Of high importance for its agricultural potential, Slavonia embraces its visitors with top-quality wine brands and genuine dry meat products.  Kopacki rit Nature Park introduces them to specific swamp ecosystem, while rural estates provide their guests with agro-tourism hospitality.

The settlements of Slavonia, such as Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Vinkovci, Dakovo and many more wait to be discovered. Come and meet the fantastic world of inland Croatia.

Slavonia and Danube
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Celebrate Vincekovo in Dalj

As a nation, Croats have a lot of folk traditions that they safeguard with much care. One of the most cherished ones in continental parts of the country is surely the feast day of Saint Vincent, celebrated every year on January 22nd. The aforementioned mystic is a patron saint of winemakers, so you can easily get the picture why Croats value his day so much. The Croatian word for this celebration is “Vincekovo”. During this day, winemakers all over Croatia go to their vineyards even if the terrain is covered with deep layer of snow. In their company may be family members or musicians that make a merry party. Once the winemakers reach their estate, they hang a sausage or…

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Slavonska kuca

This year the Slavonska kuća restaurant turns 18, but it matured long before that. This restaurant has always been a…

Hotel Dunav

Once you have enjoyed an exciting road trip through a winding and hilly road to Ilok, you’ll take a turn…


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Lipov hlad

This is one of the oldest Osijek restaurants, in business during the World War II. It is located in the…