About Slavonia and Danube

The northeast region of Croatia is a large plain, with rich soil, thick forests and countless opportunities for being awed.  It is a land full of old cities and picturesque villages, with people who manage to keep their traditions even in contemporary world.

Of high importance for its agricultural potential, Slavonia embraces its visitors with top-quality wine brands and genuine dry meat products.  Kopacki rit Nature Park introduces them to specific swamp ecosystem, while rural estates provide their guests with agro-tourism hospitality.

The settlements of Slavonia, such as Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Vinkovci, Dakovo and many more wait to be discovered. Come and meet the fantastic world of inland Croatia.

Slavonia and Danube
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Is The Nature’s Greatest Love Story Ending?

The couple of storks known as Klepetan and Malena have gained worldwide renown. The Croatian birds made headlines with their interesting love story. Every year, the male Klepetan would migrate to Africa, only to return to his beloved spouse once the warmer season of the year would arrive. The female bird Malena’s wing was broken, so she couldn’t join the flight to distant lands on the other side of the planet. Danijel Soldo / CROPIX But no matter the perils and distances, Klepetan would find the way back to his love, much to happiness of Stjepan Vokic. A retired Croatian school janitor made taking care of Malena his life goal and even became a kind of…

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Kod Ruze

It is one of the younger Osijek restaurants, but offers high quality cuisine, an interesting atmosphere, a mix of ethno…

Baranjska Kuca

Halfway between Knezevi Vinogradi Vineyards and Beli Manastir, a settlement called Karanac hides a restaurant called Baranjska Kuca  (The House…